Πότε: 14/12/2023

Εισιτήρια: €55

Διάρκεια: 1h+



POMPEYA BAND LIVE at Kiklos Music Venue Limassol on 14 December 2023!

Doors opening 19:00
Concert starts 20:00

Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες:

Pompeya is an indie band that draws from ’70s disco, ’80s New Wave, and ’90s indie rock to create unabashed pop music. Their debut LP ‘Tropical’ and follow up EP ‘Foursome’ earned the band significant popularity in their home country of Russia, “energetically introducing Moscow’s youth to electronic indie culture” remarks Los Angeles radio station KCRW. The two releases were reissued in November 2013 by US label No Shame as one “supreme debut into the celestial world that is Pompeya,” according to MTV Hive. The US reissue was coupled a remix LP featuring Fred Falke, Jimmy Edgar, Psychemagik, and Felix da Housecat, to name a few.

In 2018, Pompeya released the album “Dreamers”, which was entirely composed and recorded in the USA, and in 2020 the album “Bingo” was released, which was very warmly received by music critics

Throughout their history, the band has shared the stage with many iconic musicians, including Ariel Pink, Neon Indian, Twin Shadow, Mac DeMarco. Pompeya has performed at numerous festivals, including SXSW (USA - official showcases in 2014 and 2015), Echo Park Rising (USA), HOC Fest (USA), Harvey Milk Festival (USA), Bona Nit (Spain), Reeperbahn (Germany), Tallinn Music Week (Estonia), Isle Of Light (Dominican Republic), Indica Festival (Mexico), Afisha Picnic, Stereoleto, Usadba Jazz, Wild Mint, Bosco Fresh Fest.

Listen to Pompeya on Spotify

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