When: 19/11/2022 - 19/12/2022

Tickets: €13 | €10 (students, pensioners, disabled)

Duration: 60’

Ages: 12+

Language: Greek


About the event:

comedy by Miloš Nikolić
Serbian Atsa has just discovered that while he was sent as a prisoner of war, at Peter's blacksmith shop in Germany, his wife became pregnant by Ivan, a Russian blacksmith. Having learned the truth about his son's paternity, he goes back to Germany, hoping to find a child of his own there. Inside a hardware store, the truth of three fathers and one mother unfolds in a comical and touching way. Τhe play, although written in 1991, has not lost its significance, and brings up issues that are a part of our present lives and destiny…”Blacksmiths” is a drama of cultivated expression, full with kind irony that sometimes turns into sarcasm. The play addresses a bloody problem situated in, as it seems, eternal algorithm of historical reality in this part of the world, from the perspective of slightly playful wise man.

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