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"ALCESTIS" by Euripides from Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble.


When: 09/09/18 - 09/09/18

Tickets: €12

About the event:

Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble with the support of its sponsors, Hellenic Bank as Gold Sponsor and Iron Mountain, presents Euripides’ Alcestis following its successful run within the International Greek Drama Festival 2018, for A SINGLE PERFORMANCE on Sunday, 9th September at Skali amphitheater in Aglatzia, of directed by Paris Erotokritou in co-operation with The Amalgamation Choir and Vicky Anastasiou.

More about the event:

With Apollo’s assistance, Admetus, King of Pherae, has secured an unusual privilege: when his time comes to die, he will be spared, provided he can find someone to take his place in the Underworld. But who loves Admetus enough to give up their life for him? In the end, no one volunteers to die on his behalf except for his young wife, Alcestis, who bids farewell to life and embarks on a journey to the Underworld. Everyone in the palace mourns the loss of their devoted queen, who only one hero can bring back to life, by taking on Death and besting him.


"...the production is one of the few of which one might say it attempts to renovate Euripides - doing so in a refined and undetected, as well as ingeniously inventive way."  Antonis Petridis, Lotofagoi


"...a small miracle.  An abosulty fresh attempt absolutley utilising the satirical and tragic characteristics of the play."  Y. Savvinides, Phileleftheros.


Translated by: Konstantinos Christomanos

Directed by: Paris Erotokritou

Set Design: Yiorgos Yiannou

Costume Design: Rea Olympiou

Music: Vassiliki Anastasiou

Sound Design: Yiannis Christofides

Movement Direction: Panagiotis Tofi

Lighting Design: Vassilis Petinaris

Assistant to the Director: Maria Masonou

Production Coordinator: Nedie Antoniades

Visual Communication: Demetris Sotiriou

Executive Producer: George M. Ioannou



Alcestis: Niovi Charalambous

Admetus: Andreas Papamichalopoulos

Pheres: Spyros Stavrinides 

Apollo: Andreas Koutsoftas

Thanatos (Death)/Heracles: Yiannis Karaoulis 

Maidservant: Myrsini Christodoulou

Servant: Savvas Menoikou

Chorus: The Amalgamation Choir (Vassiliki Anastasiou, Myrto Aristeidou, Maria Masonou,  Christina Metaxa, Anastasia Prokopi Taki, Argyro Christodoulou)

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