Когда: 28/10/2023 - 30/10/2023

Билеты: From €40 (For kids under 12 years old -30% discount)

Продолжительность: tba


О мероприятии:

CINDERELLA by Royal Classical Ballet.
Music by Sergei Prokofiev

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

Synopsis Cinderella


Cinderella is doing her usual household chores. Her stepsisters, Vanity and Cruella, are squabbling. Cinderella calms them down and they are happy dancing again mocking Cinderella. 

Having enjoyed watching her daughters dancing and teasing, the stepmother assigns Cinderella her duties for the day and leaves with her daughters. Sad and alone, Cinderella falls into a daydream and is surprised when, suddenly, fairies appear, drawing her even more deeply into the dream. 

She is awoken when her stepmother and sisters return with the exciting news that all the family is invited to the palace for the Prince’s Ball. It’s time to dress up. The stepmother orders Cinderella to unpack new dresses which have just arrived from the dressmakers. The dance coach arrives and suggests rehearsing dancing and bowing. When all are nicely dressed up, they are ready to go.

The house is now empty and Cinderella plunges into her world of dreams, this time dreaming about the ball. The fairies return and want to make Cinderella’s dream come true. The room lights up with magic light. The Four Seasons’ Fairies appear and gift Cinderella a beautiful dress, and the youngest fairy gifts her crystal slippers. The Time Heralds warn Cinderella that at midnight her beautiful dress will turn back into her everyday clothes.

The house walls disappear, and in the distance, Cinderella sees the lights of the palace. She gets into the carriage and the fairies escort her to the ball.


At the magnificent ballroom in the palace, the stepmother and her daughters are among other guests impatiently anticipating the Prince’s arrival. He enters and graciously commands the ball to start. Cinderella appears – her fascinating beauty dazzles the guests and interrupts their dancing. The Prince is also enchanted by her beauty and cannot take his eyes off her. Cinderella’s heart is captivated by the handsome Prince too.

The stepmother and sisters do not recognize Cinderella in her lavish outfit. She is happy dancing while the time flies by. The Time Heralds and the clock remind her that it is nearly midnight. “It’s time” – the pendulum tirelessly chimes. Eventually the Time Heralds separate the Prince and Cinderella, and the fairies can no longer hold back the time.

As Cinderella rushes out of the palace she loses her slipper, but doesn’t have time to pick it up. The Prince races out to catch up with her when he notices the lost slipper in the moonlight. He hopes that the lost slipper will help him to find the girl he fell in love with.

Short Pause


The Prince inexhaustibly wanders the world looking for the girl who lost her slipper. He dreams with the girl he fell in love with, but he can’t find that girl. 

Cinderella is asleep in her bedroom, keeping the remaining slipper close to her heart. A sun ray awakens her and the slipper vividly recalls warm memories about the Prince and the fairies. 

The Prince continues looking for the girl who lost her slipper. Exhausted, he comes across Cinderella’s home. Thrilled to see the Prince at her home, the stepmother and her daughters beg him to let them try the slipper on, but it is no good – it is too small. The Prince notices Cinderella in the corner. 

Suddenly, the stepmother and stepsisters are stunned when Cinderella drops a similar slipper. 

The Prince has found his beloved Cinderella and they leave to live a happy life together.

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