Streaming Terms

  1. The ticket secures the right to access the Online / Live streaming platform, exclusively through the SoldOut Tickets website.
  2. The ticket holder accepts the following Online / Live Streaming ticket usage terms as well as the Online Purchasing Terms listed on
  3. Online / Live Streaming is subject to time constraints (start and end date and time, show duration, start and end time of joining the streaming)
  4. The streaming takes place through an Online / Live streaming platform that has been selected in order to ensure uninterrupted availability and smooth operation, even for a large number of simultaneous views. The Producer / Organizer is not responsible for any technical problems that may occur on the platform during the streaming.
  5. In order for the user to watch the Online / Live Streaming, it is necessary to access the internet and use a device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) through an internet browser that is upgraded to the latest version, supports HTML5 and cookies are enabled.
  6. Viewing on Smart TVs is supported either by connecting to a computer with an HDMI cable or by an Internet Browser application that supports HTML5, Javascript, Cookies and H.264 video decoding.
  7. Each ticket can be used only once and only on one device or Internet Browser.
  8. The Producer / Organizer is not responsible for any deficient technological infrastructure of the viewer, internet access speed (25 MBps and above is recommended), or other technical difficulties that the viewer may encounter while watching this Online / Live screening.
  9. The content of the Online / Live Video belongs to the Producer / Organizer and its recording by technical means, nor its retransmission is not allowed.
  10. If the Online / Live Streaming is postponed due to technical problems, weather conditions or force majeure, there will be an announcement from the Producer / Organizer for a repeat with the same tickets. If the event is permanently canceled, there will be an announcement on how to return the face value of the tickets, under the responsibility of the Organizer.

Безопасность платежей
Ticket Sales

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