Когда: 26/09/2023

Билеты: €18 σε Τραπέζι | €14 σε Κερκίδα

Продолжительность: tba

Язык: Greek


О мероприятии:

Nicosia International Festival continues its collaboration with Onassis Stegi and kickstarts its fourth edition with a unique musical journey set inside a provincial nightclub of decades past.

ENA ENA, literally meaning one by one is the name of an imaginary Greek rural nightclub. A band, a singer, a waiter, and a security camera give life to the world of the performance, interacting with each other and the audience. The music is a microtonal amalgam of the Greek 70s to 90s culture of “klarina” blended with improvised parts, electronic music, and field recordings, while making use of the heavily "amplified" aesthetics of that era; an uncanny “panegyri” the Greek traditional party at the countryside.

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

«Triggered by a childhood memory and spurred by the experience of a festivity cut unexpectedly short, the space and occasion that is a feast day celebration form the core around which many of my questions await an answer. Taking my own personal experiences and their audial impressions as a starting point, I was drawn to feast day celebrations of the 1980s. In ENA ENA, the deconstruction of elements comprising the event that is a feast day celebration creates the opportunity to reassemble these constituent parts in a new way. Through this reformulation, initial questions are rearticulated. The sound enrichment offered by this re-composition liberates musical expression, establishing a new set of conditions inside the space that is at once familiar and unfamiliar” (Thanasis Deligiannis)

Concept, Stage Direction, Sound Design, Performance: Thanasis Deligiannis
Set & Light Design: Roelof Pothuis
Dramaturgy: Yannis Michalopoulos
Assistant Director & Production Assistance: Danai Belosinof
Costume Designer: Vasiliki Sourri
Voice: Natasa Tsakiridou
Violin: George Dumitriu
Keyboards: Kaja Draksler
Drums: Onno Govaert
Sound & Stage Technician: Kostas Chaikalis
Technical Manager & Lighting Technician: Konstantinos Margkas
Creative Coder: David Jonas
Project Development: Frank Van Der Weij

Festival identity
Organizers: Nicosia Municipality, Nicosia For Art 
The Festival is presented by ECOMMBX.
Institutional sponsor: Ministry of Culture, Republic of Cyprus 
Silver Sponsor: Cyprus Public Transport 
Bronze sponsor: Embassy of Spain in Cyprus, Deloitte Legal
Hospitality sponsor: The Classic Hotel 

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