MIMIRICHI. Clown show

MIMIRICHI. Clown show "Paper world"

MIMIRICHI. Clown show


Когда: 06/10/2022 - 09/10/2022

Билеты: From €28

Продолжительность: 2h+

Ages: 0+


О мероприятии:

"PAPER WORLD" clown show
for kids under 12 years old - 30% discount
All Kids must have entry ticket

Даты мероприятия:

Мероприятие День Дата Время Залы Билеты:
MIMIRICHI. Clown show "Paper world" Thursday 06/10/2022 19:00 LARNACA MUNICIPAL THEATRE
MIMIRICHI. Clown show "Paper world" Friday 07/10/2022 19:00 MARKIDEIO THEATRE ПАФОС
MIMIRICHI. Clown show "Paper world" Saturday 08/10/2022 19:00 PATTIHIO THEATRE ЛИМАССОЛ
MIMIRICHI. Clown show "Paper world" Sunday 09/10/2022 19:00 NICOSIA MUNICIPAL THEATRE

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

The name “Mimirichi”  means rich of pantomime and plastic and stands for rich facial expression and comedy art. 

It's help actors not only to attract attention, but also to be diverse in their shows in any country of the world, regardless of the age category of the public.

A distinctive feature of Mimirichi is improvisation and constant contact with the public, which they use in their performances.

Before their appearance on the world scene, the MimiRichi toured the territory of the Soviet Union. Victories and prizes gained at different festivals and competitions have brought a huge popularity to actors. They were granted the status of professional Theater in the 1989. Since the first tour in Germany the MimiRichi created a great impression on the audience and provoked a huge interest in press and on TV. In 1991 they were included into the World Clown Association in Bognor Regirz (Great Britain). The professionalism of the Theater has been confirmed by the Gold Prize obtaining at the 1st International Contest of Actors of a Variety Show in Stuttgart. This event influenced the direction of their creative work. Later there were other countries and the competitions, new awards and the achievements, memorable meetings and joint performances with “Mini-Max”, Dimitri, Olli, Hardy Hatter, Jango Edwards, “Kolombaoni”, Polunin, “Licedei” and many other stars of the present. 

Vivid Mimirichi shows are enjoyed by the audience in the USA, Europe, Asia, etc. - 

in the theater's touring schedule in more than 45 countries of the world.

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