Когда: 31/05/2023

Билеты: From €49

Продолжительность: 2 hours


О мероприятии:

On May 31, join us at MONTE CAPUTO Hall in Limassol for an exclusive musical event featuring NINO KATAMADZE, one of the world's best and most famous jazz singers from Georgia, and her band INSIGHT.

Nino Katamadze is not just a performer, but also an author of original music. Her stunning voice and exceptional improvisation skills make for a truly unique musical style, blending jazz, pop, folk, and even rock.

This is the ONLY solo performance by Nino Katamadze in Cyprus, so secure your tickets now! Prices start at just €49.

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

During the years Nino Katamadze has received the awards as the Best Vocalist of the Year, Best Author-Performer, Author of the Best Original Music, the Person of the Year, the award for an outstanding contribution to the Georgian music development, National Brilliance Award of Georgia, etc.

Her extremely high professionalism and devotion of her passion brought Nino Katamadze far beyond Georgia as an internationally acclaimed Artist. 

Every performance by Nino Katamadze is a bright palette of emotions for the multilingual audience and a real celebration of mesmerising live music and insightful lyrics. Her music helps the audience to think about the eternity of life, feel empathy, compassion and hope. 

Nino Katamadze's concerts are as vibrant and colorful as her albums, including Black (2006), White (2006), Blue (2008), Red (2010), Green (2011), and Yellow (2016), all realized with the talented musicians of INSIGHT.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a part of an exclusive musical event that promises to be unforgettable.

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