RAAGS & DANCE4 – Greece meets East

RAAGS & DANCE4 – Greece meets East

RAAGS & DANCE4 – Greece meets East


Когда: 17/09/2023

Билеты: €12

Продолжительность: 2 hours (15 mins break)

Язык: English/Greek


О мероприятии:

• ICMACY presents Raags & Dance, a new initiative that brings the grass roots of Indian culture to Cyprus.
• Every performance unique and improvisational.
• A live ensemble of traditional Indian classical & fusion musicians.
Indian classical music and dance are so intertwined that without each other they would not exist in their current form. The history of ICM and dance is an ancient one where both are a source and reflection of Indian belief and spirituality.

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

Our aim in this project is to further enlighten and inspire understanding and appreciation of these art forms. Along with fusion events that find common ground, we invite the audience to experience the magic as trained dancers also bring the joy of their experience to the island.

Raags & Dance4 is a fusion event with special guest Chris Andre playing Bouzouki & Tsouras. We also welcome back Christopher Gertges playing Flute & Sax. Alongside the CrossMigration Band:

Kyp Paraskeva - Sitar

Ravi Saundankar - Tabla - 

Lahiru Dewarja - Percussion

Konstantin Chekmak - Bass Guitar

Kelum Jayalath - Side Percusssion

For the first time a unique performance of traditional Greek & Rembetiko styles rendered in an Indian classical & Semi-Classical format.

Modern Greek music has been influenced by so many cultures and traditions like most music. Particularly pertinent is the Gypsy, Anatolian and Eastern influence with the already established Byzantine and folk culture of Greece. This gave rise to many Greek music genres which incorporated new instruments like, the Bouzouki, Baklama and Tsouras amongst others.

Also through Persian influence and the Mogul rule India also assimilated that part of musical culture that also reached Greece, Turkey and the Levant. With such common ground it was not surprising that Indian music returned to the Greek music melting pot in the form of translated Bollywood compositions which still Inspire Greek composers and artist to this day.

Raags & Dance4 welcome back for two traditional Indian classical dance performances, Tharindi Anupama.

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