REBETIKO ELEGIES by Michalis Terzis


Ιούλιος 2020

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REBETIKO ELEGIES by Michalis Terzis

REBETIKO ELEGIES by Michalis Terzis


Когда: - 01/11/19

Билеты: €12 | €10 (students,pensioners)

Продолжительность: 90’

Язык: Greek

О мероприятии:

A transcription and harmonisation for piano of 17 rebetika songs by eminent composers, created as a tribute to the composers and the genre.

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

«The truth of rebetiko songs has always moved me. Rebetiko songs – as urban popular music – are directly correlated with byzantine workship hymns, the monophony of our folk songs, shadow theatre, folklore songs and our folklore tradition and culture» - Michalis Terzis


«Rebetiko Elegies» is an attempt to reveal the depth of harmony, the internal wealth and the rhythmic structure of these wonderful popular songs, as inherited from their creators but introduced to the scholarly musical philology of Greek contemporary compositions for piano. «Rebetiko Elegies» is a tribute to the lasting, inspired work of the composers of Rebetiko, through which they rightfully and everlastingly entered public conscience.


Kyriaki Chelioti narrates the history of the each song and its composer while internationally acclaimed Cypriot pianist Elena Mouzala, offers a performance of unique perspective and sound.


Kyriaki Chelioti and Elena Mouzala wear creations by VASSLIOS KOSTETSOS

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