Когда: 13/11/2021 - 14/11/2021

Билеты: €12 | €10 (students, soldiers, pensioners, large families, actors by presenting relevant ID.)

Продолжительность: 45'

О мероприятии:

As part of the three-day celebration "Taste the music"
"Routes λ2" is based on the theatrical event Routes that took place in March 2019 with stories inspired by the theatrical workshop held within the European program "Perform to Reform" in collaboration with ACCEPT LOATI - Cyprus, and partners NGOs participating in the program, from Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, the Netherlands and Greece.
The performance will take place in one of the Municipal Buses starting from the Nicosia Municipal Theatre. A bus full of inspiring stories of the LGBTI + community has as its starting point the Nicosia Municipal Theater for routes in the streets of the city.

Attendance at the Event is at 75% of venue capacity with proof of one of the following:
1. For people over the age of 18, entry is allowed with a certificate of a completed vaccination scheme against covid-19 or certificate of release from Covid-19 disease within the last six months or negative PCR test with a validity of 72 hours.
2. For people between the ages of 12-17, negative Rapid or PCR test with a validity of 72 hours.
3. No Certificate needed for children under the age of 12.

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

This is a pioneering theatrical event that will take place on the municipal buses of the Municipality where the experiences of individuals of the LGBT + community will be shown, through stories that often remain on the sidelines. The stories unfold in a small moving bus, the action acquires "roots" in the city of Nicosia, connecting it with the urban space, its stories and its dynamics. The spectator is no longer a mere witness in the theatrical act as he will be part of the journey, inaugurating a new relationship between spectator and event: as a bus passenger, he will be present in the space where various events will take place, both inside and in the outside of the moving vehicle.


Why (λ2)

The Greek letter lambda (λ) was chosen in 1970 to depict the campaign of the Homosexual Activist Alliance for the freedom of homosexuals. Four years later, the International Gay Rights Congress in Scotland chose this symbol for gay and lesbian rights. In physics, lambda is used to represent the wavelength associated with energy and is therefore used to symbolize the energy of the Gay Movement. In addition, λ2 is the route made by the minibuses of Nicosia in the center of the capital and the number (2) highlights the continuation (the second part) of the Routes.


Directed by Maria Varnakkidou

Dramaturgy: Ellada Evangelou

Production: Zoe Kakota

Stage design-Costumes: Konstantina Andreou

Graphics: Popi Pissouriou

Actors: Elena Kallinikou, George Kyriakou, Costas Silvestros

Tickets: Stephanis Stores all over Cyprus & www.soldoutticketbox.com / 70007705
Information: 22797979

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