Когда: 23/02/2024

Билеты: Adults €50

Продолжительность: LOEL WINERY LIMASSOL


О мероприятии:

Tatiana Stupak is to play music by the Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi. She will perform twelve Einaudi works specially arranged for her, some with violinist Dr. Olivera Rialas. Nine piano solo pieces will be from Einaudi’s 2022 studio album ‘Underwater’, and they are: Flora, Rolling like a Ball, Natural Light, Luminous, Indian Yellow, Almost June, Wind Song, Temple White and Swordfish. The three pieces accompanied by Rialas, will be Life, from the 2013 orchestral album ‘In a Time Lapse’, Divenire, from the orchestral album of the same name, and Ascolta, which was originally a piano solo and was later orchestrated, and released in 2023 on an album called ‘Undiscovered 2’.

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:


Tatiana Stupak (piano) graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory, qualifying as a soloist, accompanist and music teacher, and for the last three years she has been upgrading her skills at the Moscow Conservatory.

She is a laureate of many international piano and organ competitions. In Cyprus, she has won several awards: Russian Cultural Woman in 2018, ’20 Successful People of the Republic of Cyprus’ in 2020, Best Business Inspirational Woman in 2021. She has won many other awards for charitable work.

She founded her own music school in Limassol in 2018, and established her own record label, Stupak Records, releasing her first CD of piano solos in 2021.

In 2023 she set a new Guinness World Record, for performing the highest concert on earth at a height of 6701 metres, on Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina, flying the flag of Cyprus at the summit. 

Olivera Rialas (violin) is from Serbia, and began her violin studies in Belgrade, graduating from Belgrade University, and continuing her studies at the “Franz Liszt Academy of Music” in Budapest. She has played extensively in Europe and in New York. She moved to Cyprus in 2010, where she has performed in small orchestras and chamber music groups. She also continues to teach violin.

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