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Когда: - 21/04/19

Билеты: €10 €8 (Family with many children,Pensioners,Students,Soldiers)

О мероприятии:

The Tickler by Dimitris Baslam
Language: Greek
Duration: 60 minutes

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

The Tickler is a play for children and adults, with live music and dance, with a story as simple and comprehensible as a folk tale.

A peculiar thief, the Tickler, can see with his own eyes the laughter. The pure, gurgle, childish laughter. He decides, therefore, to travel around the world looking for happy children, who have more than enough laughter, and to steal it from them. Not for his personal benefit, but because, like another Robin Hood, he intends to distribute it to children who do not have many happy moments and rarely smile. For this purpose, the Tickler, with his aunt, the perfume maker, sets up a lab to which he always returns after each trip to turn the child's laughter into a precious and magical aroma and store it in small bottles until he needs it...   

On stage three musicians, a narrator and a dancer, or rather, a wonderful choir, four dancers and two narrators or better three actors, three musicians and four dancers. Neither. A cheerful, extrovert company who meets at Dentro Theatre, dances, sings and tells us the story of a strange thief.

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