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When: - 09/03/19

Tickets: €129 €109 €89 €69 €49

Duration: 3h

Language: Russian

About the event:

This program promises to be one of the highlights of the coming spring. The Maestro will talk about the effect of sex on fashion, and the fashion on sex. About the libido as the main factor in the development of fashion. This is a new look at the history of fashion through the prism of sexual views and morals of the twentieth century.


More about the event:

To what tricks hidden and obvious in clothing we all resort to to attract the opposite sex?

How did the changes in the perception of sex affect the development of fashion in the 20th century?

What canons of male and female beauty existed in the last century?


Maestro will touch upon such delicate and at the same time brutal topics as sex, erotica and the relationship of the sexes. How religion, cultural and sexual revolutions, the evolution of gender relations influence the formation and development of fashion. What is fashion in this context: trickery, artifice, seduction? How feminism and the machismo of all times influenced the development of fashion? Mr. Vasiliev offers a new perception of fashion – a look through the prism of morals.


Alexander Vasiliev is a world-famous fashion researcher and historian, a brilliant showman, an expert on the subject and a fascinating storyteller. Encyclopaedic knowledge, subtle humour, sense of style, the art of recreating in his stories live images of any era made him an idol for anyone interested in fashion. But this is not all that can be said about him in one sentence.


Alexander Vasiliev is a theatre artist, stage designer, decorator, author of more than 30 books, TV presenter of one of the most popular shows of Russian television. He was awarded many awards and medals, was nominated in the category "Fashion Legend" at the World Fashion Awards. He is an honorary member of the Russian Academy of arts.


Maestro is the owner of a private collection of fashion and costume, the items of which are exhibited in many countries of the world. The collection is kept in France, replenished for 30 years and consists of more than 50 thousand exhibits from the XVII century to the present, among which are masterpieces of high fashion, created by the best ateliers of their era.


Mr. Vasiliev was born in a family of extremely creative people. His father, people's artist of Russia, Alexander Vasiliev-senior is an academician of painting, creator of scenery and costumes for more than 300 productions on the domestic and foreign stage. His mother, Tatiana Vasilyeva, is a dramatic actress, professor, one of the first graduates of the Moscow art theatre school .


"Fashion is a real mirror of history, which reflects wars, space research, economic ups and downs, personality of individuals. Religion, politics, sex, nationality, climate - all these are important components that affect the development of fashion", - says Alexander Vasiliev


So we can expect an evening, which is both a show, a film screening, a solo performance and a master class of the famous Alexander Vasiliev.

Maestro, we're waiting for you!


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