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Tickets: From €40

Duration: 100'

About the event:

Bombshell of the 2020 season !!!
The grandiose humorous show of Ivan Urgant "Vecherniy Urgant Live" without broadcast frames. Exclusive premiere in Cyprus!
Cypriot residents have not seen such an entertaining Russian-language show about themselves! On May 9, the residents of Cyprus and guests of the island for the first time will see the stage, concert format of the popular Russian show “Vecherniy Urgant LIVE”.
Ivan Urgant, Dmitry Khrustalev, Alla Mikheeva and the Fruit group will give guests all facets of humor - even those that viewers do not even suspect!

- Ironic monologues and tricks of Ivan Urgant, Alla Mikheeva and Dmitry Khrustalev.
- Live musical accompaniment of the group “Fruits”.
- No television censorship: everything happens live: here and NOW.

Get ready to demonstrate your sense of humor: The entire program is interactive with the audience!

More about the event:

"Vecherniy Urgant LIVE" goes on a world tour!


For the first time, the sparkling humor of Ivan Urgant and his team goes beyond the scope of the television format, in the form of a live stage show - without any censorship and cut-out phrases.

Exclusive show “Vecherniy Urgant Live” will be available only to a number of countries. The premiere of the show is scheduled to take place in February in Paris, the next, in May, will be a meeting with an Israeli audience, then Cyprus and Germany. For each country, the team of “Vecherniy Urgant Live” created a unique script of the show taking into account current events, realities of life and mentality.

Ivan Urgant, the host of the show “Vecherniy Urgant Live”, is the beloved grandson of actress Nina Urgant and the son of an equally famous actor Andrei Urgant. Since his childhood, Ivan was a musical and artistic, in addition, having been born in an acting family, the boy was “doomed” to the career of an artist. A graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts broadcast radio and television on the cultural capital of Russia, but with his humor and musical awareness he drew attention to himself first at the MTV channel, then at the Rossiya channel, and since 2005, Ivan Urgant has firmly settled on Pervy (national TV Channel). However, the appearance of Urgant on any stage always becomes the highlight of the program - his lightning-fast improvisations, subtle irony and witty jokes make everyone laugh.

To present “Vecherniy Urgant Live” show without recognizable beats, harmonious vocals by Sasha Dal and Mimi and covers of famous hits in sonorous non-trivial arrangements by musicians from St. Petersburg is unrealistic - and it is not necessary, because the group “Fruits” together with Ivan Urgant, Dmitry Khrustalev and Alla Mikheeva will also come to Israel.

Co-host of Ivan - Dmitry Khrustalev – got famous as a captain of the KVN team "St. Petersburg Team", with which his career as a showman and actor blossomed. He performed on the stage of “Music Hall”, was a resident of “Comedy Club” and “Comedy-Women”, starred in TV shows and films “Alice’s Dreams”, “Best Film-2”, was noted as the host of the “Dance” projects , “My mother cooks better” and others. Dima, an intelligent, charming, plastic and stylish fit perfectly into the project “Vecherniy Urgant Live” - since 2013. The guests adore his ability to sparkly beat everyday situations with his charming sense of humor.

Has the girl Alla, who was born in a small Ukrainian town, ever thought of becoming the star of national TV Channel One? And has she thought that she would easily communicate with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise, host prestigious television awards and celebrate New Year in the company of Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov and other famous people?


It was Ivan Urgant who discerned a talented outstanding personality in the aspiring actress from St. Petersburg: in one of the first episodes of “Vecherniy Urgant” in the image of “how lovely a fool” Alla Mikheeva conducted such a “Sharp Report” that she immediately became one of the permanent residents of the show and became a real showbiz star. Her column is conducted on a regular basis, and the anime appearance and masterpiece reaction to Urgant's caustic jokes quickly gave Alla Mikheeva popularity and recognition.


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