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Когда: - 21/10/19

Билеты: €12 | €10 (students,pensioners)

Продолжительность: 50’

Язык: Greek

О мероприятии:

An allegorical performance, based on the mythic character of the blind seer, staged for the first time in Cyprus by our compatriot, dancer and choreographer Michalis Theophanous.

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

Conceived as a cross between dance and performing art, this allegorical project wants to explore the complex nature of the mythical character of Tiresias. It investigates the hero through images and symbolisms that refer to all of the information we already know about him together with hypothetical actions.


The character compromises with his blindness and his sexuality and co-exists with a shadow, and an empty chair. As the foreseer of an ancient past in the present, “Tiresias” is summoned to the stage in a fluid state between reality and illusion. In searching for the signs that will finally reveal the prophecy, the performer adds his array of beats, dragging and scratching into the scene. His body transforms itself through different forms: ephemeral shapes that change endlessly as an evolving subject, searching in each new step for a renewed meaning, a new story for the inner self. «Tiresias» thus grows as our guide through a process that starts from the animal and the irrational, and later becomes properly human, where past and future meet in the recollection of our own actual dimension.


Direction, Choreography, Costumes & Set Design: Michalis Theophanous

Original Music: Dickie Landry & Giwrgos Poulios

Sound Editing: Stephanos Droussiotis

Choreographic Advisor: Georgia Tegou

Performer: Michalis Theophanous

Production Μanager: Nikolas Louka

Lighting and Sound: Bruce Sharp

Set and Costumes Designed in collaboration with: Mayou Trikerioti

Lighting Design in collaboration: Mike Toon & Adrienne Ming

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