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Когда: - 09/11/19

Билеты: Free Entrance

Продолжительность: 55’

О мероприятии:

Cypriot Composer Andreas Papapetrou proposes a musical promenade through restricted and non restricted areas of the Nicosia Municipal Theatre, with songs and melodies from different cultures.

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

An immersive musical performance during which all areas of the Nicosia Municipal Theatre become accessible for audience members to wander in and explore. The building spaces become a musical «environment», an extensive musical installation in which the audience can move, following the performers who will play their instruments while moving, acting as «guides». Experiencing this interactive musical promenade, the audience will have the opportunity to hear fragments of songs and melodies of different cultures, combined in an amalgamation of sounds that will be incorporated in the fabric of the performance. Temporarily submerging themselves in the action, the audience members enjoy the experience of a stroll that embraces and reclaims the renovated building of the theatre, as a dynamic space, after years of absence from it.


Music Composition/ Direction / Artisic Direction: Andreas Papapetrou

Artists: Mariza Anastasiadi (vocals), Katerina Andreou (vocals), Julia Petrou (vocals), Elena Hatziafxenti (vocals), Pavlina Konstantopoulou (vocals), Savvas Christodoulou (flute), Christiana Antonoudiou (clarinet), Evaggelos Christodoulou (bassoon), Marios Nikolaou (percussion), Nikos Pittas (violin), Iraklis Mitellas (violin), Nikos Papageorgiou (viola), Miranda Papaneokleous (cello), Andreas Papapetrou (piano)

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