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Когда: - 29/09/20

Билеты: €12

О мероприятии:

7 works by Faidros Kavallaris (solos, duets and trios) for flute, clarinet and violoncello

Дополнительная информация о мероприятии:

This year, 2020, marks the 70th anniversary of Cypriot composer Faidros Kavallaris (born in Lapithos on 6th June 1950) as well as the 30th anniversary of one very important concert of his, (in the long series of personal concerts that started in April 1973 in London, where he was a student at the time). It concerns the CONTEMPORARY MUSIC CONCERT where three world famous soloist musicians took part performing exclusively his own compositions, namely, Pierre-Yves Artaud (flute), Remi Lerner (clarinet) and Rohan de Saram (violoncello). The concert was staged at the Falcon School Theatre in Nicosia, on 4th April 1990 and consisted of the works “Pythikos Nomos” (1986/90), “Ailinos” (1986), “Enallax–Parallel” (1984), “Amphidrome” (1983) and “Diastavrosis – reflectiοns on the history of Cyprus” (1982), works that mostly had to do with Kavalaris’ s exploration of contemporary European music, his experience in India, as well as with his constant and uninterrupted interest in ancient Greek music and the history of Cyprus. Besides his concert in China four months earlier, this was a concert of a different character compared to the other concerts he has being organizing during the previous years with cycles of songs on poetry by Cypriot poets (Tefkros Anthias, Thodosis Pierides, Doros Loizou, Lefkios Zafiriou etc.) with songs about Cyprus and in particular the conditions that followed the tragic events of July 1974, the military coup and the Turkish invasion of the island that followed it.

In this Contemporary Music Concert of 1990 four out of the five works in the programme had their world premiere, while the fifth was presented for the first time in Cyprus, having already been performed six years earlier in Germany, in the context of the Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (Summer Courses for New Music). It was a very happy event, as much for the composer as for the 500 or more music-lovers that happened to be in the audience, and certainly a rare occasion for Cyprus (one could say an historical musical event for the place). It was the first time to take place in the country a concert exclusively devoted to contemporary music, and furthermore entirely with works by one single Cypriot composer, and perhaps more importantly performed by such high standard musicians, who came to Cyprus especially for this purpose. The concert was widely covered and had quite favourable reviews in the local press of the time.

Today, 30 years later and under the same title, two anniversary performances of this, one could say, historic concert, have been scheduled, now also to mark the 70 years of the composer: on Monday 28th September at the Markideion Theatre in Pafos and on Tuesday 29th September at Pallas Theatre in Nicosia, with the support of the Pafos and Nicosia Municipalities respectively. Both concerts begin at 8:30 pm.

To be sure, this time the programme will be enriched by two new works to have their world premiere. It concerns the composer’s most recent works that were written during the months of/from March to July and are based on youthful sketches dating back to his school days at the Gymnasium of Lapithos (January and February 1967 for the works «Epimoní» (persistence) and «Κyparissóvounos – a Lapithos experience» respectively).

All works in the programme (solo, duets and trios) will be performed by three excellent young Cypriot musicians: Eva Stavrou (flute/piccolo), Christiana Thalassinou (clarinet) and Doros Zessimos (violoncello).

General entrance €12.

Advance booking is required  www.soldoutticketb­­­­ox.com
for information tel.: 99553174

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