Tickets: ADULTS €30 | BABIES €40

Duration: 35'

Ages: For Babies under 3,5 years old

Language: English/Greek/Russian


About the event:

"Baby Riki" is a baby show aimed at small children based on a popular animated entertainment and educational project for children (‘KikoRiki’, or ‘Smeshariki’ in Russian). Parents and kids will find themselves in a cozy children's room, reminiscent of the ‘world of Malyshariki’ with familiar objects that were made bigger. In this room, kids will start their adventure with their favorite characters: Hedgehog, Kroshik, Nyusha, Panda and Barashik (‘KikoRiki’ characters). A baby show is a theatrical genre created for audiences aged 1 year and older. This theatrical format assumes a conflict-free narrative with a simple story; homely, cozy atmosphere; openness and understanding of the needs of the young viewer. The play created in the genre of baby theatre does not have as many words as a usual children's play. Instead, it is accompanied by calm and pleasant music, clear and positive visual images. Children watch the performance in a comfortable and safe environment together with their parents. Throughout the show they can interact with all the characters, which are theatrical dolls specifically created for the performance. Parents and children aren’t simply observers, but also participants in the story. Thanks to clear and familiar images and cozy atmosphere, the action of the show captivates, awakens interest, and gently introduces new viewers to the miracle of theatrical transformation. A baby show is an excellent opportunity for a child to learn about theatre for the first time.

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