Where: Ktirion 53 - Center of Experimental Arts of Nicosia

When: 07/04/2024 - 08/04/2024

Tickets: Breach Festival Day 1 €12 | Breach Festival Day 2 €12 | Concert Ticket for both days €20

Duration: 20:30 - 23:00


About the event:

Breach is a festival dedicated to Improvised n and Experimental music.

Breach’s mission is to boost and support these practices in Cyprus: free improvisation, free jazz, contemporary classical music, experimental electronic music, sound-art, as well as many other uncharted music making traditions.

This year is the 3rd edition of the Breach Festival in partnership with the Irtijal festival in Lebanon - the largest festival in Beirut and Space21 festival in Kurdistan/Iraq. The participating musicians are coming from Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Switzerland, and Spain, and are accomplished in the field of improvisation and experimental music with a long history of performing at recognised venues and festivals around the world.

Artists Featured: Giorgos Bizios, Pan Brown, Miriam Felix, Irine Flexiblespirit, David Fox, Margo Khlop, Aggelos Messios, Andria Nicodmeou, Alkis Nicolaides, Julia Sabra, Dimitris Savva, Sharif Sehnaoui, Simis Shukuroglou, Eva Stavrou, Fadi Tabal, Elyse Tabet, Marina Tantanozi, Melissa Zanga

More about the event:

Breach Festival Line-Up 7th April - 20:30-23:00

  1. “Build A Band - Irine Flexiblespirit, David Fox, Margo Khlop, Aggelos Messios, Melissa Zanga

  1. Giorgos Bizios - electric guitar

  1. Residency Program Ensemble - Giorgos Bizios (electric guitar), Andria Nicodemou (percussion, objects), Dimitris Savva (live electronics), Simis Shukuroglou (clarinet, recorder), Eva Stavrou (flute, bass flute, piccolo)

  1. Elyse Tabet - electronics

8th April - 20:30-23:00

  1. Miriam Felix (cello) & Andria Nicodemou (vibraphone) & Marina Tantanozi (bass flute/electronics)

  1. Pan Brown (electric guitar) & Alkis Nicolaides (electric guitar)

  1. “Snakenskin” Julia Sabra (voice & electronics) & Fadi Tabal (electronics)

4. Breach Ensemble

Organiser: Make Music Cyprus

In Partnership with: Irtijal and Space21

Curated by: Andria Nicodemou & Alkis Nicolaides Designs by: Stelios Papageorgiou

Supporters: MILL, Golem

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