When: 29/02/2024 - 01/03/2024

Tickets: €15 (Κανονικό) | €12 (Μαθητές,στρατιώτες,φοιτητές,συνταξιούχοι,πολύτεκνοι,ηθοποιοί, ΑΜΕΑ (Δωρεάν) με παρουσίαση σχετικής ταυτότητας)

Duration: 80’

Ages: 16+

Language: Greek with English surtitles


About the event:

In February, Larnaca 2030 welcomes Lena Kitsopoulou, the most influential director-writer-performer in Greece nowadays, with a constant reference and presence on the international stage. Cry premiered at the Saint Gervais Theatre in Switzerland in 2018.The Larnaca 2030 team will present the play CRY which Kitsopoulou signs as a writer, director and participates as an actor. A meeting of four people drowning in blood. The topics of discussion were carefully chosen. Everyone was determined to "have a good time". So how and why did the evening "get away" like that? How did all that blood get spilled? Everywhere? The audience enters Lena Kitsopoulou's explosive and inoffensive theater. On a knife-edge, Cry (cry...? cry...??) first explores the limits of politeness. What happens when politeness leads us to tolerate situations that we cannot bear? When exactly does civility die and violence is born?

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