When: 16/12/2023 - 24/12/2023

Tickets: One Day Ticket From €25| Weekend Ticket €40 | Two Weekends Ticket €75

Duration: 14:00 - 20:00

Ages: 0+

Language: English


About the event:

Experience the enchantment of Christmas in Limassol at the ETKO Christmas Market! 

In celebration of this festive season, we adorn ETKO with warm light garlands, Christmas Trees, and transform ETKO into a true festive town for two weekends: December 16-17th & 23-24th.

The Gift Market will feature Christmas handmade gifts, souvenirs, toys, decorations, and traditional Christmas sweets and pastries.

For our young guests, we are organizing a Christmas miracle. Children and their parents can look forward to an extensive program, including the opportunity to interact with Santa Claus, write and send Christmas letters and much more.

At the food court area, indulge in traditional New Year dishes and beverages typical of different countries around the world. Our bars will serve the most popular Christmas drinks, including mulled wine, grog, punch, hot ginger tea, and coffee with cardamom.

But that’s not all! Enjoy an open-air cinema featuring Christmas movies, photo shoots, theatrical performances, and much more! Join us at the ETKO Christmas Market and immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere for two weekends!


December 16-17th

December 23-24th

Working Hours:

From 2 to 8 pm

Children under 12 years old can enter the premises for free.

More about the event:

For the event rules please click HERE

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