PEARL NECKLACE by Marilena Achilleos

PEARL NECKLACE by Marilena Achilleos

PEARL NECKLACE by Marilena Achilleos


When: 23/02/2024 - 07/04/2024

Tickets: €15 Κανονικό | €12 Φοιτητές, Συνταξιούχοι | €10 Μαθητές, Ηθοποιοί | €8 Πολύτεκνοι, Άνεργοι, ΑΜΕΑ | Για Λάρνακα/Πάφο/Λεμεσό Μειωμένο Εισιτήριο €12 μόνο για άτομα κάτω των 18 ετών

Duration: 90’ - no break

Ages: 15+

Language: Greek


About the event:

A play inspired by the tragic life of "Demeter of Lesvos". Through the play, the issues of diversity, sexual orientation, gender identity disorder and the impact they have on people, their families and by extension the wider society are cauterized. A society of people who due to social and intellectual poverty and illiteracy become the silent killer of Dimitri. Of every Dimitri. A work based both on real events from the life of a trans person, Dimitris, originally from Lesvos, and on fiction.

More about the event:

In the story of the play, the small society on the island is unable to understand and accept Dimitris' true nature, which results in his marginalization. He expresses his need for a sex change in order to complete his feminine nature in this way, but his family treats him as a madman and considers him in need of psychiatric treatment. A journalist making a documentary about him makes him internationally known. But his prolonged use of psychiatric drugs unknowingly and for several years, combined with the sexual abuse he suffered from his co-relatives and the posting of it by them on social media, led him to a crisis and back to the psychiatric hospital.

Text: Marilena Achilleos

Directed by: Andreas Telemachou

Set-Costumes: Thelma Kasoulidou

Lighting Design: Vassilis Peteinaris

Music Supervision: Andreas Telemachou

Videos by Yannis Savvidis

Lighting-sound manipulation: Marilia Konstantinou

Actors: Antreas Telemachou, Yianna Lefkati, Elia Ioannidou, Evagoras Theodosiou, Nikolas Petrou and Marinos Xenophontos

Graphics: Theo Petrou

Photos: Christos Avraamides

Make up Artist: Yiota Tsiolakki

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