When: 20/10/2023

Tickets: From €49

Duration: 1h+


About the event:

Maxim Galkin is in Cyprus! His concert will be on October 20 in the Monte Caputo concert hall in Limassol! Start at 20:00.

More about the event:

Incredible concentration of talent, energizing humor, amazing flexibility in covering any hot and topical topics.  Maxim Galkin is a unique performer and impromptu master!

For more than two hours he keeps the hall at the highest level of delight.

Unbelievable, that people in our days for so long time can “fall out” from their turmoil - phones, conversations, vatsaps - and take place in the world of humor, parodies and a frank sparkling show of a real Artist with a capital letter.

Maxim Galkin's program is a virtuoso balance in different varieties how make people to smile. He juggles genres: parodies of stars, assorted new jokes, fresh anecdotes, live songs in the images of various contemporary artists, ironic monologues, sharp and mixed thoughts, as they say, "  on the verge", about world politics and everything that worries each of us.

Come to the concert of Maxim Galkin on October 20 in Monte Caputo in Limassol!  It’s a real pleasure during two hours - a free and ironic stream of bright thoughts from a really witty man.

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