When: 17/12/2022

Tickets: General Admission €5

Duration: 60’

Language: Greek/English


About the event:

Wind, like music, knows no boundaries!
Larnaca Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth in collaboration with the wind and percussion orchestra of Sistema Cyprus, organize a unique music-poetry concert with the title: “Win(d)er Tales” on Saturday, 17th of December, at Larnaca Municipal Theatre at 19:00.
The wind and percussion orchestra of Sistema Cyprus together with the music composer Vassilis Filippou and the writer/poet Maria Kouvarou participate in a creative dialogue under the artistic supervision of Santiago Ossa Alzate.

More about the event:

See you there!
Grand Concert Sponsor: Deputy Ministry of Culture - Cultural Services
Concert Supporter: Municipality of Larnaca

Corporate Sponsor of Sistema Cyprus: XM
Institutional Sponsor of Sistema Cyprus: Savino

About Larnaca Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth:

Larnaca Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth was created by the Ministry of Education and Culture. It has been operating as a non-profit organization since 2010, with the support of the Deputy Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Services.
The purpose of the foundation is to promote creativity, provide equal opportunities to children and youth to participate in cultural and artistic experiences, strengthen interculturalism and preserve Cypru’s cultural identity with an emphasis on children, teenagers and the youth.
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About Sistema Cyprus
Sistema Cyprus is a social-music orchestra and choir programme established in 2018. Sistema Cyprus offers music education to the children and young people of Cyprus, including migrants, refugees and children and young people with less opportunities, and ensures that these groups are respected, recognised, and included in the society. 
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