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When: - 17/10/19

Tickets: €12 | €10 (students up to 18 years old)

Duration: 90 minutes

About the event:

Four artists from Cyprus and Turkey join in a musical journey and coexist through works of Greek, Cypriot, Turkish and Russian composers, demonstrating that the power of music is stronger than our differences. Manolis Neophytou-piano, Orfeas Hiratos (Cyprus)-clarinet Canan Kocaay Camurtas-piano (Turkey-Switzerland), Ayse Karaoglan (Turkish-Cypriot) violin , give a joint concert that unites cultures.


More about the event:

They are going to present music from the greek movie Politiki Kouzina, works by Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjidakis, Stamatis Spanoudakis, Kostas Kakoyiannis, George Karvellos, Michalis Andronikou, the 2nd suite for two pianos by Sergei Rachmaninoff, the valse no2 by Dmitrii Schostakovitch, Ballades by the great Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say and other works.


Manolis Neophytou performed his first solo recital at the age of eleven, just   before he entered the Moscow’s Central Special State Music School of the ex-Soviet Union, where he studied with Professor Rudolf Kehrer.


Manolis, during the period 1996-2002 studied at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, with scholarship from Nicolas Economou Foundation. He also studied in Ecole Normale in Paris with a scholarship from the Albert Russell Foundation. In 2004, he has obtained the Masters in Piano Performance from the University of London with scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece.


Manolis represented Cyprus at the Eurovision Classical Contests in Brussels (1992), Warsaw (1994) and Lisbon (1996), after winning the Cyprus National Competitions . He received several prizes in  international piano competitions: 4th Prize at Senigallia International Piano Competition (Italy, 1994), 1st Prize at the Inter-Mediterranean Music Festival (Palermo, Italy, 1995), and 2nd Prize at the  Thimis Piano Competition (Megaron Mousikis, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2002).


His performance activities include solo recitals and concerts in Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Italy, Hungary, France, Ireland, U.K., Korea, South Africa and Cyprus.

He performed, as a soloist, with many orchestras, as the State Orchestra of Cyprus, the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, the Symphonic State Orchestra of Rostov (Russia),The Bucharest Orchestra and others. He taught in master classes in Cyprus and at the University of  South Africa (UNISA).


Homage to Greek Music is the title of his first CD and received a very good review from Mikis Theodorakis. Recently he published his second album From Tchaikovsky to Hadjidakis .He has also written music for the documentary film by Alessia de Ninno, which received a prize from the NFT (National Film Theatre) of London.

He is teaching piano in Arte Academy of Music, European University of Cyprus and in the state music school in Limassol.




Born in Ankara / Turkey, She commenced her studies at the Ankara State Conservatory with Prof. Nimet Karatekin and Tatyana Pikayzen. After receiving her master and doctorate of musical arts degrees with Prof. Naum Starkmann and N. Trull in Moscow State Conservatory, she won a scholarship to study with Prof. Dominique Merlet in Paris, France.Then she progressed to the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris/Alfred Cortot to study under Victoria Melki, where she received the Diplomes of “ 6eme Superieur Enseignement” and “6eme Superieur Execution”. Between 2002 and 2004, she studied with Prof. Karl- Andreas Kolly at Zürich University of Arts in Zürich - Winterthur, where she earned her “Solistendiplom”. She also held a teaching position at the same University.

She won various national and international Competitions, made recordings for Turkish national Radio and Television, played as a soloist with different Orchestras and gave many concerts in Turkey, Russia, Austria, Germany, France, South Africa and Switzerland.

She is giving lessons as Assistant in International Piano Master Class of K.A. Kolly in St. Moritz. Also she is working as faculty member in the music departement of Zürich University of Arts and Winterthur Conservatory.


Ο Ορφέας Χηράτος, γεννημένος στη Λεμεσό το 1992, ξεκίνησε μαθήματα κλαρινέτου στην ηλικία
των δέκα χρονών και αμέσως μετά έγινε μέλος της δημοτικής μπάντας της πόλης.
Ένα χρόνο αργότερα άρχισε μαθήματα με τον καθηγητή Dusko Zarkovic. Στην ηλικία των
δεκατριών, κέρδισε μια υποτροφία στο Μουσικό Εργαστήρι της Συμφωνική Ορχήστρα Νέων
Κύπρου και μια θέση στην ίδια την ορχήστρα, ενώ στην ηλικία των δεκατεσσάρων πήρε τη θέση
του πρώτου κλαρινετίστα. Ήταν επίσης εξάρχων σε σύνολα μουσικής δωματίου, τα οποία
εμφανίστηκαν σε πολλές σημαντικές εκδηλώσεις και ένα απο αυτά εκπροσώπησε την Κύπρο στο
International Youth Wind Band Festival στην Ελβετία.
Το 2008 κέρδισε τον διαγωνισμό του ΡΙΚ και επιλέχθηκε να εκπροσωπήσει την Κύπρο στο
διαγωνισμό «Eurovision for Young Musicians" στη Βιέννη και το Σεπτέμβριο του ίδιου έτους
έπαιξε ως σολίστ κατά τη διάρκεια του Διεθνούς Φεστιβάλ Κύπρια με την Συμφωνική Ορχήστρα
Νέων Κυπρου. Τον Απρίλιο του 2009 πήρε μέρος ως σολίστ στο Διεθνές Μουσικό Φεστιβάλ
Άλλες καλλιτεχνικές δραστηριότητες του Ορφέα ήταν ως μέλος της Ορχήστρας Νέων της
Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης, της Gustav Mahler Jungendorchester και της ορχήστρας του Verbier Festival
όπου είχε την ευκαιρία να συνεργαστεί με διάσημους μαέστρους όπως τους Valerie Gergiev, Zubin
Mehta, Charles Dutoit, Ivan Fischer, Paavo Järvi, Herbert Blomstedt μεταξύ άλλων. Απο το 2015
μέχρι το 2017 ο Ορφέας ήταν μέλος της διεθνούς φήμης ακαδημίας της Όπερας της Ζυρίχης και
παράληλλα την περίοδο 2016 με 2017 διετέλεσε σόλο κλαρινέτο την συμφωνικής ορχήστρας της
Ο Ορφέας επίσης συνεργάζεται συχνά με διάφορες επαγγελματικές ορχήστρες όπως η Ραδιοφωνική
ορχήστρα της Φινλανδίας, η Συμφωνική ορχήστρα της Λουκέρνης και η ορχήστρα του
Musikkollegium Winterthur.
Απο τον Σεπτέμβριο του 2010 ο Ορφέας φοιτά στην Μουσική Ακαδημία της Βασιλείας στην
Ελβετία με τον prof. Francois Benda.

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