MEDEA by Bost

MEDEA by Bost

MEDEA by Bost


When: 22/06/2022 - 02/08/2022

Tickets: €13 | €10 (students, pensioners, disabled)

Duration: 75'

Ages: 10+

Language: Greek


About the event:

Antilogos theatre presents a landmark piece of modern Greek drama through the distinctive directorial perspective of Kostas Silvestros. Written in 1993, Medea by Bost, or Mentis Bostantzoglou, bearing the masterfully sardonic, signature style of its author, is a scornful parody on contemporary reality in Greece. The tragic heroine does not kill her children out of amorous jealousy but out of her disappointment for their poor school performance and sinful lifestyles. The prolific playwright employs ancient drama in a playful and comical manner to “criticize critics, puzzle judges, and liberate audiences”.

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