EORA presents: Elfenberg and Hrag Mikkel

EORA presents: Elfenberg and Hrag Mikkel

EORA presents: Elfenberg and Hrag Mikkel

Where: Euphoria Art Land, Vasilikon 76, Pyrgos 4529

When: 16/07/2022

Tickets: From €50

Duration: 5 hours (+ 30 min closing)

Ages: 18+

Language: English


About the event:

The legends of ancient tribes tell of a magical place on the island, where hundreds of incredible birds live in the jungle. Where mysteries happen after dawn and fairies, elves and sorcerers gather to share the joy of life.
The intelligent sound of ELFENBERG, Hrag Mikkel and Kosta Kritikos will be guiding you through the mysterious jungle paths and colourful mosaics. You will hear birds’ singing consonant with magic motifs, and unite with your tribe in a beautiful slow dance.
Save the date. July 16th. Euphoria Art Land.
We encourage you to be creative and wear a thematic outfit. Ethnic outfits, feathers, flowers, lights on clothes and symbolic drawings on the body. Let your imagination run wild and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of mysterious tribal rituals!

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