When: 29/04/17 - 30/04/17


About the event:

Music has the power to go beyond borders. Jazz is the kind of music that proves just that, as a music idiom which develops through unexpected collaborations and hybridity, from experimentation and adaptation.

More about the event:

The Organization Pafos2017 announces that the 4 jazz concerts within the frame of the «Jazz Encounters in Pafos» event will take place at Kennendy Square with free entrance. The initial location, the Ibrahim’s Khan has changed, due to the infrastructure works delay.

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Saturday 29th April 2017, Kennedy Square, Free Entrance

Jazzologia Big Band, 12:00

14 musicians coming from different orientations, studies and movements, come together in a big jazz band under the artistic direction of Giorgos Krasidis.Participants: Giorgos Krasidis, Marios Papares, Nicolas Georgiou, Konstantin Labin, Alexandros Krasidis, Elias Ioannou, Michalis Michael, Nicos Koukouvinos, Burkhard Fisher, George Issa, Nicolas Genethliou, Vyron Athinodorou, Andreas Kompos and Phedonas Demetriou.

● Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet, 21:00


Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet, having worked on covers of Greek traditional pieces, focused on original compositions of Sokratis Sinopoulos. These melodies along with the quartet’s improvisations, create a unique and special sound, where the ancient sound of the lyre meets filing the atmosphere with emotions and memories.
Participating Artists: Sokratis Sinopoulos (lyre), Yann Keerim (piano), Dimitris Tsekouras (bass), Dimitris Emanouil (drums)

Sunday 30th April 2017, Kennendy Square,  Free Entrance

KARAPATAKIS – HILDENBRAND – SPYRIDAKIS A cross cultural project, 20:00 – 21:10 

An intercultural jazz project based on a new sound idea of the band’s musicians. The three musicians met on their long and fascinating travels. Their knowledge and experience corresponds to structures which have been based, and internalised over time, on a variety of aesthetic styles. Their chemistry is astonishing and their music is undoubtedly lyrical, approachable and filled with captivating melodies that reach fascinating and dynamic crescendos. A jazz concert fully endowed with traditional elements and focused on the ambient and mood. Participating Artists: Gavriil Karapatakis (Fretless Bass), Hub Hildenbrand (Guitar), Zacharias Spyridakis (Cretan Lyre)

● Irenaeos Koulouras Trio & Jess Koren and Ofer Ganor ●, 21:30

The Jazz Trio of the double bass player Irenaeos Koulouras together with Giorgos Krasidis and Giorgos Koulas, will perform together with two exceptional musicians from Israel, Jess Koren and Ofer Ganor. The long collaboration between the Trio and Ofer Ganor and, at the same time, between Ofer and Jess, were the reason and the idea behind this encounter at Ibrahim's Khan. The dynamic saxophone duet and the occasional clarinet of Giorgos Krasidis together with the rhythmical part of Ofer Ganor, Irenaeos Koulouras and Giorgos Koulas, promise a fascinating encounter of top-notch jazz. The repertoire is based on compositions of the musicians, as well as pieces of Mingus, Monk, Coltane and Karagiorgis, Jess Koren (tenor sax), Giorgos Krasidis (tenor sax, clarinet), Ofer Ganor (guitar), Irenaeos Koulouras (double bass), Giorgos Koulas (drums).

Sponsor:Embassy of Israel in Cyprus

The events are supported by Onassis Foundation
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