Alexandros Kayas charitable painting exhibition - sale


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Alexandros Kayas charitable painting exhibition - sale

Alexandros Kayas charitable painting exhibition - sale


When: 28/10/18 - 10/11/18


About the event:

Charitable exhibition-sale оf Alexandros Kayas paintings “Blessing of the holy Mount Athos”

More about the event:

On October 28, 2018 at 19.00 LightHouse restaurant in Limassol will host the opening of a charity exhibition-sale in favor of St. Nicholas Russian church, which is currently under construction. Exhibited would be the paintings of a Greek hagiographer and spiritual paintings’ artist Alexandros Kayas.

The exhibition of Alexandros Kayas will take place in Cyprus for the first time. Alexandros Kayas was born in Thessaloniki (1956). He developed a passion for painting when he was younger. He studied and worked in the atelier of the famous painter-hagiographer Nikolaos P. Georgiadis, he completed his knowledge in Byzantine art and painting at the famous hagiographer Christofanis Boutsina’s atelier. His greatest teacher and a very good friend was Savvas Konstantinidis, professor at School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. Since 2000, Alexandros Kayas is a member of the Greek Chamber of Art.

During his adolescence, Mount Athos embodied the heart of his work as a religious icon painter. With the blessing of the monks, he is allowed to work on his paintings on Holy Mountain and to use real images of monks and scenes of church services. He feels it in a special way and recreates on the canvas the unique spiritual atmosphere of the Athonite services. Byzantine chants in the half-light, a uniquely vibrant explosion of colour - all this creates a mood that he tries to convey through his paintings, so that the viewer comes into contact with the energy of what is happening.  The main purpose of the exhibition “The Blessing of the Holy Mount Athos”, is to let the viewer feel the striving of the monks of the Holy Mountain to be with God and the way they enter into invisible communion with the spiritual world of angels and saints.

At the exhibition – sale fourteen works will be presented. They are all made in the technique of frescoes, which is unique for the artist - he mixes paints with Athos sand.

Proceeds from the sale of paintings will go to the construction of the Russian Orthodox of St. Nicholas in Limassol (Kalogiri area). Information on construction progress can be found at


  • The exhibition will be open for visits from October 28 – November 10, from 10.00 to 20.00
  • Telephone for information: +357 - 99 232678 (Femida)

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